My “Tough Old Broad” Story

My “Tough Old Broad” Story

I am writing this post on Thanksgiving and among all the other great things I am thankful for is the fact that I am here to celebrate this wonderful day.

I’m sure that most of you remember that I was in a pretty bad UTV accident in August, 2019.

I was riding in the UTV with my sister-in-law and granddaughter, Molly.  We were just taking a leisurely ride around Jeff & Julie’s property—they had bought property and built a house there. By the way, a UTV is kind of like a Razor with a bench seat across.)

We were having a tour of their property when suddenly the UTV took off.  Molly “so thankfully” had put her seatbelt on and she was sitting in the middle.  I was thrown out and the UTV went into the ditch and rolled a couple of times.  Molly stayed in—thanks to her seatbelt—and Julie was thrown out after it rolled into the ditch.

I was the most seriously injured and was flown to UC Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.  I was in the ICU for a few days and then spent a few more days in the normal area of the hospital.  In total I had five surgeries.  Today I have almost no lingering accident issues.

When our sons-in-law saw that I was pretty tough to handle all of that without too much fuss, they began calling me a tough old broad in a very loving way.  I love it and them.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving Day.  Unfortunately, our families had to celebrate the day in separate family gatherings due to the COVID issues.  We did a lot of texting and exchanging of photos.

Hopefully, Thanksgiving next year will be “normal”.

Hugs to each of you, Pat


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