BOGO Sneak Peek

Hello My Dear Stamping Friends,

Sweet Stocking Card


Original by Sam Schlemmer

I’m posting this card for you as a Sneak Peek of one of the four BOGO cards that you can make.  It is so cute!  Stampin’ Up! has done it again!

The adorable Sweet Stocking suite has so many options.  There are dogs, cats, and another animal that might be a squirrel or chipmunk and greetings and stockings and packages and much more.

Sweet Stockings suite, mini, p. 30, 156273, $83.
Sweet Little Stockings bundle, mini, p. 31, 156798, $47.50.
Sweet Stockings 12 x 12 designer paper, mini p. 31, 156281, $11.50.
Candy Canes stamp, mini p. 35, 156373, $17.

If you’d like to place an order now, visit and click on Shop Now, Shop Here.  Please use my host code:  WZZHP2RQ unless you’re placing a club order or if your order is not a club order and is over $150.

If your order is over $50, I’ll send you a packet with four card kits in it.  So, if you attend BOGO or place a BOGO order, you’ll receive the four BOGO cards as well as the $50 packet of four card kits when your order is over $50.

The way BOGO works is that you choose the retired items that you want and I’ll figure that total for you (prices are very, very reduced) and then you’ll place an online order for that amount.  Tax and shipping will be added to your order as usual and the ordered items will ship directly to you.  The retired items will then be yours for FREE.  You won’t pay tax or shipping on the retired items—only the amount listed on that item. It sounds too good to be true, but it actually works out very well for both of us.

If you’re out of town or unable to attend, we can do this by phone or text.  You can tell me things you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have them (my inventory is extensive—as mentioned below.)  I’m happy to look through everything for you and ship it to you.  I can also take a picture or pictures and send them to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help.  Call or text:  303-888-1862.

Thank you so much; I appreciate you every day.

Many hugs, Pat

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