My Television Adventure

I want to tell you about my television adventure.

Being at Stampin’ Up! demonstrator has led me to so many opportunities.  This is just one of the roads I’ve taken.  I’ve gotten to make so many true friends and travel to so many places.

Over the past six or eight months, my friends (customers, members of my Stampin’ Up! team, family members) and I have been sending cards to residents of assisted living facilities and to others who could use a smile.

One of the local television stations in Denver has been featuring a Weekly Warrior—someone who has contributed kindness during this Covid pandemic.  A few months ago, daughter Lisa nominated me, because all of the cards we’ve all been sending to assisted living facilities and others who could use a boost.

Natasha Verma of Denver’s 9News contacted Lisa and said that she’d love to feature me as a Warrior. Each and every one our family members got on a Zoom call and everybody knew what was going on except for me—they surprised me with the news.  Of course, I cried.

Natasha wanted pictures of cards, a video of me stamping, and she wanted to interview Jim & me.  That was a little scary.  It was about a month or so into Covid-19 and I badly needed a haircut.  Daughters Kelly & Judy started trying to find someone who would cut my hair the next day, without my having to be exposed.  They were successful and I got a haircut the day before Natasha was going to do a Zoom call with us (The Zoom call was at 8:00 a.m.—can you imagine?).

I was really nervous until the morning of the call and for some crazy reason, I was calm.  It turned out to be fun; you can barely hear Jim in the interview, but he’s telling her how excited the recipients are.  You could probably hear him better if I weren’t taking up the entire screen. <grin>.

Anyway, if you’d like to see video, here is the link (click here)

If you’d like to send cards, please let me know and I’ll send you the current list.  It only has 10 or 12 names on it now, and the recipients and their families are so thrilled to receive the cards.  There aren’t any rules for the cards; they can be handmade or purchased.

Please subscribe to my blog and invite your friends to join us.

I’d love to hear from you.  You may respond to my email, call or text me at 303-888-1862, or call me at 303-674-6435.

Many hugs to each of you, Pat

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